On October 30th, HT20 mini excavator was loaded in the industrial park and was about to be sent to Europe. At present, our excavator series products have obtained EU CE certification, ISO quality system certification, TVU certification and so on.

The mini excavator model of this shipment is HT20, Engine - Strong power Stable work, Kopper engine - Meet European emission requirements. Bailiton engine - meets the emission requirements of the United States. Other factories can only use ordinary diesel engines, which can not meet the emission requirements of the United States and Europe.

HT20 excavator can also be used with attachments such as augers, grapples, rakes, looseners, narrow buckets, etc. to meet different construction occasions.

The whole HT20 mini excavator is sandblasted, acid-washed, phosphatized and sprayed, which can increase the adhesion of the paint molecules and make it more durable, non-decolorized and smoother.