Super mini excavator liquid maintenance knowledge

I. Grease

(1) Grease is used to avoid deformation and noise at the joints.

(2) After a long time of use, any parts may look insensitive or noisy, grease should be added.

(3) Wipe off the old grease kneaded when filling grease.

(4) Be careful to eradicate old grease. Dust can stick to the grease and cause wear on rotating parts.

Super mini excavator liquid maintenance knowledge

Second, lubricating oil

(1) When selecting the oil, it should be in accordance with the grade and temperature in the mini excavator's operating instructions. Even if there is no dirt in the specified time, the oil should be changed.

(2) Be careful to avoid some impurities and dust into the lubricant. Most of the problems of the machine are caused by the intrusion of impurities.

(3) Fill the oil according to the regular amount of oil, there are some obvious malfunctioning problems with mini excavators, too much or too little oil can lead to drawbacks.

(4) Do not mix different grades or grades of lubricants.

(5) When replacing the oil, it is necessary to replace the related filter element, especially when replacing the oil core. Before the installation, mini excavator for the new cartridge added fresh, clean and and wan oil.

Third, fuel

(1) When storing or adding fuel, extra care should be taken not to let impurities enter.

(2) When choosing oil, it is necessary to choose the specified fuel and choose the real suitable oil according to the environment and temperature.

(3) To avoid moisture in the air condensing and forming water in the fuel tank, the tank should be filled after daily operation.

Knowledge of fluid maintenance of ultra-mini excavator

(4) Deposits and water are discharged from the container prior to launching the starter or 10 minutes after engaging the fuel.

(5) Assuming that the initiator runs out of fuel or replaces the filter element, it is necessary to eradicate the air in the oil circuit.

Four, coolant

(1) It is necessary to apply antifreeze in any climatic conditions.

(2) Check the coolant level according to the rules and add oil in case of shortage. Lack of coolant can cause the starter to overheat.

(3) Depending on the environment and temperature, equip coolant and antifreeze with appropriate mixing ratio.